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Who is the best web hosting company?

Who is the best web hosting company? Good question. Do you know how many web host providers there are? Hundreds. Maybe thousands. That is a very competitive market. What does it take to be the best web host provider? Lots of money? Good support? Good technical skills? Business training? A lucky four-leaf clover?

Whether you are completely new to hosting and website or you are just looking to change providers, the question that you should be asking it "who is the best web hosting company for me"? Each web host provider is different and certain providers are better for certain people. What do you need? The best web hosting company will be the one that meets your needs the best.

Lucky for you, there are many good web host providers today and if you properly go through the process of researching a web host, you can find one with great features, speed, reliability, support, and price. Let's first decide on what you need in a web host provider:


Do you need a lot of support? If you have never set up a web site before, then you may need some help with some of the basic steps. Your web host should be able to tell you how to set things up using their control panel or help you understand new terms. But good support isn't just for the web hosting noobs. Even if you are an experienced webmaster, a mistake may be made, either by yourself or your web host, and it will be a whole lot easier to clean up if you web host's support team is knowledgeable and friendly.


Do you need PHP? Do you need a MS SQL database? Do you need a Windows server or a Linux server? Do you need script installation software like Fantastico? Do you need an SSL Certificate? Be sure to review our description of Basic Web Hosting Options and Advanced Web Hosting Options to find out which features you really need.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

HTML pages are small. You can fit thousands of them into a few Megabytes. But pictures, music and video can be very large. If you plan on hosting any large files, make sure your web host provider will give you enough disk space and bandwidth. Be careful of web hosts who promise unlimited disk space. There is no such thing. It is just a marketing ploy and it may mean that your sites are put on an overcrowded, slow server.


Reviews are a very important factor to consider when deciding which web hosting company to use. Even if they have all the features and bandwidth, you need to find out if their customers are satisfied. You can find out if their servers go down a lot or if they go the extra mile in helping their customers.

To find the best web hosting company for you, figure out what web hosting features you need, use our Web Hosting Wizard to find some hosting plans that meet your needs, and then read our web hosting reviews.

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