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What is cPanel?

Best cPanel Web Hosting Plans

cPanel is web hosting control panel software that lets you quickly manage your web site and hosting options using a graphical, web-based interface. cPanel lets you manage an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, etc. cPanel control panel automates many tasks to make it easier for web hosts to sell hosting and for customers to manage their own accounts with ease. cPanel control panel lets you:

Site Tools

  • Create and manage new domains
  • Create and manage subdomains
  • Manage FTP accounts (add, remove, change password)
  • Upload and manage files using a File Manager
  • Set up redirects
  • Edit MIME types
  • Edit Apache handlers
  • Install and Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
  • View web page statistics
  • View error and usage logs


  • Create and manage email accounts
  • Access webmail
  • Set-up auto-responders
  • Implement custom mail filtering
  • Set-up forwarders or aliases
  • Set up mailing lists
  • Modify an MX entry
  • Manage spam filtering

Advanced Tools

  • Backup web site files and restore backups
  • Set up SSH access
  • Manage GPG keys
  • Set up Cron jobs
  • Install scripts such as forums, polls, etc.
  • Manage MySQL , PostgreSQL, or other databases
What is cPanel Control Panel?

It will only run on a Linux web hosting system. cPanel provides many informative guides on how to install and use cPanel control panel on their website.

What is cPanel good for? Quickly and simply establishing and managing hundreds of web sites. The cPanel control panel has grown to become the most popular web hosting control panel in use today. It has practically every feature that you would want to set up your web site on shared hosting. You can learn about cPanel on cPanel's own website and explore its features, benefits, and even try out a demo of cPanel.

Best cPanel Web Hosting Plans

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