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Learn about Python

Python is the web programming language that the Google search engine was made with! Python is used to create dynamic web pages or web applications. Python code is interpreted by the web server which then outputs a web page to the browsers that access it.

Python's Capabilities

Python is available on multiple platforms. It can be used for managing email, connecting to other web sites, processing form information, storing information in a database, creating cookies in a web browser, and much more. It can connect to almost any type of database but it has a strong relationship with its free database buddy, MySQL. Python supports object oriented, imperative, and functional programming models.

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Python's syntax

Syntax is the wording and way that the language has to be used for it to work. Python is very easy to understand so it is a great language for beginners to start learning how to program. Python is a very readable programming language. It often uses English keywords where other programming languages use punctuation. Here are some important things to know about Python:

Sample Python Code
  • Indentation. Rather than using brackets to specify what will be in a block of code (within an if statement, for example), Python uses indentation. This means white space is very important and if you don’t indent your code properly if could do something completely unexpected.
  • Variables. Variables hold different types of data. They are loosely typed to allow specific types of data like strings, numbers, arrays, or lists.
  • Comments. You can use the pound sign (#) to comment out a line or three quote marks (''' my comment ''') to comment out multiple lines.

If you are interested to learn about Python, we highly recommend reading the Python's Documentation. The Python Learning Foundation also provides hundreds of great Python learning tutorials. We also recommend using a book from the library or one of the following:

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